Footpath Closure

Published: 15 April 2024

The closure was requested by Vistry Homes to allow works associated with approved housing development (DM/2019/01937) to take place on or near them.

Vistry Homes would now like to extend the closure by the maximum allowable amount of 6 months while works continue. Presently the temporary closure is due to expire 31st May 2024.

However, before Monmouthshire County Council can extend the closure it must obtain approval from Welsh Government.

One of the stipulations of the process is that the Highways Authority requesting the extension must have taken into account the views of local users.


Town & Country Planning Act orders to  divert paths 15 & 16 to accommodate the proposed development have already been made and confirmed.  These orders  will be certified once the new alignments are available for use by the public.


The applicant has stated that a managed temporary diversion route will be accommodated through the proposed development when possible.

/_UserFiles/Files/Footpaths/Pub 25 Oct 23 TTRO Ext 1 Vinegar Hill 15 16 Undy.pdf