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Past Projects Undertaken by the Council


  • Football posts Franklin Open Space
  • Multi-surface courts Sycamore sports Field.
  • New footpath by Sycamore Terrace leading to Whitewall in partnership with MCC.
  • Planting trees Dancing Hill in partnership with MCC.
  • Traffic Calming Pennyfarthing Lane in partnership with MCC.
  • Additional lights Withy Close car park. Embellishment of lights Magor Square and Undy Pound.
  • Plaque - Undy pound outlining history of the pound.
  • New notice Boards



  • Grants to many local organisations.
  • Provided dog poop scoops to villagers.
  • Provided Dog Waste Bins across the villages
  • Provided additional benches.
  • Poppy wreath Remembrance Day.
  • Half Pipe skate ramp.
  • Liaised with British Rail to provide fencing by railway.
  • Arranged two play schemes during the summer time. 
  • Granted monies to MUSLA to enable phase one of the Community Centre to commence.
  • Provided Bus Shelters on the B4245 at Elm Avenue in partnership with Monmouthshire Housing Association and Monmouthshire County Council.