MAGOR - Magor Action Group on Rail

Who are they?
The group was formed in 2012 and formally established on 4th July 2013
There are now around 220 members that include: business owners, local politicians and residents of Magor and Undy

Their mission:
They aspire to open a gateway to the National Rail Network

Their objective:

To re-open a railway station to serve the community of Magor and Undy

Their target:
To open in 2021

Unique selling point:
The station could be easily accessed by almost the entire 9000 population of the villages by foot or bicycle in less than 15 minutes

For further information, or if you would like help campaign for the station to be re-opened check out the Magor Station website:

magor station 1910

Magor Station 1910

magor station 1959

Magor Station 1959