Message from Chairman of Monmouthshire County Council

Published: 17 December 2020

Christmas message from Cllr. Sheila Woodhouse, Chairman of Monmouthshire County Council

May I on behalf of Monmouthshire County Council extend my best wishes to you all for a very Happy Christmas.

Over the past year, as Chairman of Monmouthshire County Council, I have been in a position to see first-hand all the good work and deeds our community offer each other.

So, at this special time of year, it seems appropriate that we give thanks to those key workers, both in public and private service, who find themselves working during the festive season. We are all grateful for their immense dedication, ensuring we are kept safe and the vulnerable in our communities receive the help and support they need.

We owe our thanks to so many, not least the health and support workers, our council staff working from home to keep up and often improve on the services they offer, and teachers (and all involved with education and looking after our children and young people). All those who have undertaken volunteer work for their community also have our sincere thanks. We must not forget the frontline workers, such as drivers, shop workers and all those we have perhaps in the past, taken for granted now and then. We owe a deep debt of gratitude to all these people, and so many more.

Whether in a paid role, or as a volunteer, the people of Monmouthshire deserve credit and recognition for making our county one of the safest and most desirable places to live.

As we know, this has been a most difficult and challenging year. Our community at this time looks to their faith and places of worship to seek comfort and peace. However, the restrictions on attendance will mean that many of our residents will remain at home this Christmas, we must be mindful of them and where we can give help and assistance.

The Christmas holiday will give us a little respite, but with cases of COVID-19 still climbing, I would ask everyone to consider not what they can do, but what they should do. If you do form a Christmas bubble, then be especially careful. Meet outdoors where possible, wash your hands regularly and if you meet those within your bubble indoors, ensure good ventilation by letting in plenty of fresh air. The last thing anyone wants to do is pass on the virus to their loved ones, especially the elderly and vulnerable.

I pray this Christmas will be a happy and peaceful one for us all, and that the New Year brings with it the light of hope, of better, safer times to come.