Pathwatch - report path features and problems

Published: 08 August 2019

Whether it's locked gates, rampant overgrowth or missing signs, occasionally we find our paths blocked or in need of care. Whatever the issue, the Ramblers want to know about it! As Britain's walking charity, they are there to help.

Report path problems in Wales and England through Pathwatch and they will alert the local highway authority. Where possible, they will also work with them to fix the problem.

Pathwatch isn’t just for reporting problems. You can also tell the Ramblers about great things that you find on walks - such as interesting flora and fauna or an impressive view.

By reporting problems and celebrating the great things you discover, you are not only doing your bit to look after paths, but helping the Ramblers celebrate the best of British walking and find long term solutions to protecting paths and access for years to come.

There are two ways you can report problems: The Pathwatch App, or Pathwatch online.

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