Recycle Your Crisp Packets

Published: 18 January 2019

RECYCLE YOUR CRIPS PACKETS and help your community and the environment…

Friends of Rogiet Countryside Park have registered with the TerraCycle Crisp Packet Recycling Programme and will be collecting crisp packets to send on to TerraCycle. 


The group will get rewarded to the sum of £2 per 2kg of crisp packets!  This will go towards improvements at the Countryside Park.  But more importantly it takes crisp packets out of landfill.


At present crisp packets cannot be recycled via the regular kerbside plastics collection as they consist of plastic adhered to foil (in order to keep the crisps fresh).  Walkers took a lot of adverse feedback for this recently and decided to partner with TerraCycle to subsidise their research which has has now resulted in crisp packets being turned into pellets which in turn can be used to manufacture outdoor furniture.  Any brand of crisp pack can be handed in and recycled this way, not just Walkers.


The Friends of Rogiet Countryside Park would be grateful if you would cascade this information to your friends and family, advertising via your social media pages..


The group would be more than grateful and willing to collect from you.


For more information contact Jill or Cath via