Ebenezer Baptist Church

12 Feb 19 - 11:00 to 14:00

Pop-Up Hub: Pobl Housing Support, Mon CC, MagorUndy Crime Prevention Panel

Between 11am and 2pm, a member of the team from Monmouthshire County Council’s Caldicot Community Hub will be on hand each month to offer the majority of their normal services in our community.

Whether it is help with a Blue Badge or Bus pass application, or advice on Council Tax and Housing Benefit, to collecting your recycling bags or renewing or reserving a library book or an enquiry for Community Education, they will do their best to help you.

The Library Service and the local Neighbourhood Policing Team will also hold occasional surgeries and events the same time as the Hub is open and it is hoped that other support organisations and groups will also being in attendance, such as the Citizens Advice Bureau.

In February 2019, the Magor and Undy Crime Prevention Panel will be on site to talk to you about your concerns relating to crime in the area.

Also present will be Pobl - they can help with Housing Tenancy issues, benefits, job search, referrals for crises and long term support, accessing other agencies for debt advice, health issues, family support, homelessness advice, Homesearch and bidding.  Pobl are supported by Monmouthshire County Council.  www.poblgroup.co.uk   contact Zoe Thomas on 07870972340 for more information.

Community Councillors and staff will also be on hand at each Pop-Up Hub should you wish to discuss or raise any questions about local issues. 

(Print off a list of dates)  HUB DATES FOR 2019

(Tuesdays 11am – 2pm)

8 January           12 February

12 March           9 April

14 May               11 June

9 July                  13 August

10 September   8 October

12 November    10 December