Cenetary Celebration of The Women's Vote

Published: 09 February 2018

A huge thank you to the Magor 1st & 2nd Brownie packs for the kind invitation extended to the Clerk and the Chair-Ladies of Magor with Undy Community Council to attend their two celebration teas (6th & 9th February) to commemorate the centenary of the Women’s Vote and celebrate the lives of inspirational women and to hear what the Brownies had learnt about the suffragists and the suffragette movement.

Guests and Brownies started by making friendship bracelets in the colours of the suffragette movement (green, white and violet) and ended with a song celebrating what women ‘can do’!

The Brownies also ran a raffle to raise funds for the charity ‘Care International’ which is run by Mrs Pankhurst’s Grand-daughter. Thank you Brownies for the invitation……