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"Another Little Wander"

“Another little wander”


We parked the car just off the square

 My eyes they then wandered. I stopped for a stare

 A beautiful church and a ruin so grand

 Where a Procurator was responsible for the local land

 We walked into the square. A busy old place

 Standing central a war memorial which proudly does grace

 You can have a haircut. Post a letter. Even drink and eat

 The Golden Lion a place to meet and greet

 We walked past the Mango House. Past the Wheatsheaf pub

 More places to drink. Serving fine beer and grub

 Then past the garage. Out onto the main road

 A busy old road where the traffic consistently flowed

 We noted local roads. Which the locals would now

 Once little lanes where housing developments would grow

 Dancing, Pennyfarthing and Vinegar Hill

 Passing the Police Station where you’d find the local Old Bill

 We stopped and we paused. I was thinking back to a time

 When Magor and Undy was two little villages straddling the main rail line

 No sign of a Brewery. No Hotel chain

 Just plenty of fields for grazing and grain

 But time waits for no man. And over time the villages grew

 And that Brewery was built making the most perfect brew

 Back to reality. Back on with our walk

 Enjoying the sunshine. Happy to talk

 We whipped over the causeway. Over a brand new rail bridge

 I felt a nip on my ankle. I was bitten by a midge

 We stopped at the Football Club. A sporting arena so fine

 Not too far away from the estuary coastline

 Backwards we would go. Taking a short cut through the park

 I looked at the school field letting a memory spark

 Magor RFC would have sometimes played on that very pitch

 Running alongside a watery old ditch

 I played there myself. We would travel from Underwood

 Pretty feisty they'd get. Yet we were from the same brotherhood

 We might fight on the pitch. But we’d always share a beer

 Remembering Chinno, Dean Mac. Memories so dear

 Feeling peckish now. We fancied some chips

 A bit of oil and grease. Heading straight to the hips

 A lovely little treat from Angelo’s fish bar

 Which we hungrily ate in my little red car

 And back home to the Wood. Another little walk done

 Through Magor and Undy. Under a glorious sun.